Custom Jewelry. Create the piece
of your dreams.

With advances in computer design technology and jewelry manufacturing processes, custom jewelry is more accessible ... and affordable, than ever before.

There's no need to settle for generic, mass market jewelry when choosing engagement rings, wedding bands, and other important pieces. A custom jeweler can bring your unique vision to life.

Explore Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry comes in many forms. It can mean beginning from scratch to create a piece from just an idea in the customer's mind. It can also mean modifying an existing design to fit a customer's tastes and preferences. Or it can mean personalizing a piece of jewelry with a custom name, word, date, symbol, or any other marking.

Learn about custom jewelry and the options available:

Featured Custom Jewelry Designers

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Chris Ploof Studio creates original wedding bands and one of a kind custom jewelry out of some of the most beautiful materials on (and off!) of the planet. Read more about Chris Ploof's Custom Design Work